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We're Zoomies!

And we are here to Do Good and Have Fun.

Zoomies Funny Farm is a 501c3 not-for-profit located in Sanford, NC.

Join us in our efforts to build community, provide for animals in need, and have fun. Your generous support and participation is how we achieve our mission, spread ideas, and foster a better way.

Making An Impact In Animal Welfare Through Community Involvement

Zoomies Funny Farm or just Zoomies, is dedicated to creating positive moments. Our events and initiatives aim to bring people together to support our goals, animals, and people in our area.

Do Good

Join us in making a difference by participating as a donor, sponsor, volunteer or an attendee. Help spread the word.

Have Fun

Adoption events, game nights, vendor fairs, and social outings allow us to interact with the community.

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Featured Initiatives


Zoomies is building community to achieve and support our future plans and goals. In the mean time our efforts help provide support for rescues and shelters with the overwhelming task of caring for surrendered, abandoned and homeless animals.

Consider how you can make a difference.

There are many ways to contribute to organizations like Zoomies. You can donate, sponsor, volunteer, fundraise, host an event or just spread the word and help inform people of our presence in person and on social media.


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Zoomies is helping animals and building community one event at a time.

Join us in our mission to Do Good and Have Fun. Discover upcoming events and make a difference through participation.

OH NO... did we do all the things already? For Now.

Here's your opportunity to help and foster a better way!

Your support helps Zoomies make connections with the community, host fun outings, raise awareness, and most importantly give animals a hand.


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