Who is Zoomies?

Zoomies Funny Farm is a 501c3 not-for-profit animal welfare organization raising awareness and support for rescues, shelters and fosters where we can.

This is Amanda
Founder, President &
Passionate Leader of the Zoomies

Amanda loves: puppies, bread, and Forrest. In that order.

This is Forrest
Co-founder, Secretary &
Nerdy Tech Support

Forrest loves: Amanda, making bread, and puppies. In that order.

We met when Amanda’s rescue dog Fuzzy Lumpkins temporarily escaped , a 36 hour hair raising ordeal. A little over a year later we formed Zoomies Funny Farm and got married in the same week. We share a love of animals and the desire to make a difference where we can with who we can. We are Zoomies, and we are here to build community and help animals.

Be Inspired

Zoomies believes!

Join with us to make a difference and enjoy doing it, one step at a time.

Our Mission

To do good and have fun, work with animal lovers and advocates, and to foster a better way.

Our Vision

A robust and engaged community that actively supports animal welfare and helps address the root causes of animal homelessness and surrender.


Our Lofty goal

To establish an animal sanctuary for long term shelter and foster residence to have a more comfortable life as well as situational fostering to help keep animals with their owners.

Our Current goal

To engage the community through entertainment and events to extend support of animal welfare, rescues, shelters, fosters and more while building a following and network to support our long term goal.


Building community today for tomorrow.

Zoomies is attracting a community of followers to support objectives now that have an impact on animal welfare. However, we know that once our sanctuary is established that the support of the community will be vital. Therefore we are making Zoomies known now, attracting friends, doing good and having fun.

What are the Zoomies?

Frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs), also known as zoomies, are random bursts of energy occurring in dogs, cats and other animals in which they run frenetically, commonly in circles. Zoomies means they are happy and want to be interactive.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Join us in supporting animal welfare through donations, volunteering, and attending events.